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Kitty Tea

May 2010

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ichigoblack in lolitadesigners

Kinda sad :(

Helloooooo out there!

No one really posts here anymore, its kind of sad :(

If anyone is reading this, I want to know what you've been up to? How is life as a Lolita designer where you live? I'm finding it kind of hard here in Boston, but I'm thinking of traveling to showcase my work in the Artist Alleys of Anime conventions along the east coast... Good idea? I thought about doing the dealer room (I saw lolita Kisama in the NYAF dealer room and it made me wish I had the $900 to shell out.. heh)

Anyway, I hope all is well with everyone!


Life is at a standstill moving by too fast! <<oxymoron, but true I was going to try to show at conventions too, but the AA sold out :( Dealer rooms are better, but probably not worth the money until you get your name out there. Maybe try a few years at AA first, and then DR lol it looks like I'm talking about a drinking problem...
haha I know what you mean >_< lol

Where do you live, btw? If I happen to get a spot close to where you live maybe we could share the space? I've heard a lot of people talking about that.. and it sounds like a good idea ^_^

Out of curiosity, what are you doing to get your name out there? I know some of the other girls on here got into the US GLB but other than stuff like that... I'm lost o.O
Ah I'm in the Midwest... XD Sort of far away from East Coast!! :( I have shared Artist Alley table before, but not selling lolita clothes - just regular art stuff

I was in the US GLB event snap from Kakkoi|Con :D They did a coverage on the Kakkoi|109 fashion show

I guess you should just look for fashion show events that you could show at. At my school they will post seeking posts about needing costume designers, pattern drafters, etc. or fashion show opportunities. Even if it is not a specifically lolita event, it is still good to get your name out there. Though if you are focusing on lolita, it is probably best to go with alternative fashion events because the audience will be more open-minded XD