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Kitty Tea

May 2010

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ichigoblack in lolitadesigners

An idea I'd like to throw out there to see if anyone is interested.. *crosses fingers*

I've been throwing the idea around (in my head) for some time now about starting a PDF catalog. I didn't start fleshing out the idea until last night and it has sort of grown tremendously in the last 24 hours. I put together a few sample pages and I think it could really work.

Anyway, the reason I am posting here is because I think I stumbled on to an idea that could help a lot of the designers on here, both those with webshops and for those without who would like to go in that direction in the near future.

I was trying to find the US GLB in Barnes & Noble the other day and I realized after looking it up online that it was discontinued. It seems the sales weren't that great in the US market even though its a great idea in theory. The economy still kind of sucks and no one really wants to spend $20 on a magazine these days, even though its filled with desirable content. This is why I think if we were to offer a non-print ezine for free, it would be a great hit! You may be asking, who is going to dedicate all that time into creating such a thing.. but I just graduated today and I've got tons of free time and I was going to do it anyway, except it was going to be an Ichigo Black catalog. If I'm going to be doing all of this work anyway, I came to the conclusion that I should do it right from the start and try to make it matter.

There would only be 4 issues a year since I do still have to do work that pays so I'm not out on the street >_< I was thinking of featuring 3-4 designers each season to start. Each designer would get 1 page for each line they'd like featured (with a max of 3) or just a 2 page spread for their label as a whole. I'd need hi-res flats taken on a plain background, descriptions and titles for each garment featured, prices, and a fashion photo to go with it.

There would also be a page for a list of designers' websites (featured or not), full page ads (which I'm thinking should be free for life for any of the designers who participate from the beginning, but there will probably be a fee for those at some point down the road if this actually works), a designer bio page featuring a new designer each season, maybe 2 street snap pages (1 American, 1 maybe in Europe?), and last, makeup, hair, and nail art.

This would all be free, there's no fee for anything (except for the ads possibly in the future). I'm thinking the only thing I might require (besides the photo requirements) or strongly suggest is 1 tutorial on how to make something. It could be jewelry, an accessory, clothing, a sweet treat.. anything Japanese related. And that's why I think this could be a really great idea. Its free for designers, free for our customers, and hopefully we'll all benefit from having this central resource because its free advertising! If we create something that our target market will want to browse, they'll pass it onto their friends and they'll post about it in forums and hopefully that'll not only raise awareness about the ezine, but most importantly, about us ^-^

I'm kind of going with the flow as I type, this is a work in progress. I'm open to ideas, suggestions, criticisms (as long as they're constructive!), and anything else! Please let me know if you're interested ^-^ I'm really excited but it won't work if its just me... Well, I can still make it and send to my customers, but it won't be as exciting :(


hm, well there have been lolita e-zines before, but in the end I think it actually turned into a blog XD

One thing you would have to keep in mind is that not everybody has a fast enough internet connection to view an e-zine conveniently. Otherwise I think it would be a pretty good idea! I am excited to see what can become of it :3
Are there any currently?

I wasn't really thinking of it being viewed online.. even though that's probably what an ezine is huh >_< I was leaning in the direction of making it a downloadable PDF. I dunno how people would feel about that but that's what I was working with last night and it works well. I think I'll probably finalize what I've been working on and post a sample so people can get a visual of what I've got in mind :)
Sucriere (sp?) was the one I was thinking of - they had an online magazine but too many people (myself included) had too slow of internet connections and now it is a blog. I think there were a couple other small ones, but I don't know if they still are running or are in English XD
I think the PDF thing would work...
I think it sounds like a great project and would be really fun ^^ I think there would be some problems regulating the designers you feature though, there have been lots of issues with girls deciding to start a web shop then not starting one etc. etc...
I was thinking the designers whose clothing would be featured would have to have a web shop. Then there'd be a small section maybe for new designers with a few words about what their plans are and a few sketches.

I haven't thought this through completely yet, mostly because I don't want to go through all that trouble only to realize no one is interested :p But if there is a decent response I'll plan everything out and maybe make another post or something.
:) maybe you should make a post on EGL, I'm not sure how many people follow this community anymore..
It would be great if someone would actually stick to this type of project ;o

For relevance to the comm, you could feature:
-Fashion Designers
-Textile Artists
-Fashion Shows (Independent, Convention, Other)

I would just think that you should have some criteria to follow when highlighting designers/lines (which you could post here). It could be something that budding designers could strive for.

For those who *want* a physical copy, you could always post a version of it on lulu.com.

haha I'm a Gemini so I bounce from project to project quite frequently >_< BUT, when I find one I'm really passionate about (this idea being one of the 3 I've stumbled on to), I stick with it until the end :)

I was definitely going to feature fashion designers and fashion shows. I'd have to agree with you on having guidelines. I was thinking of having the designers apply somehow and post the guidelines in the same place they'd go to apply so they know what is expected. I haven't really had a chance to really sit and plan everything out yet. I'm just trying to see if its feasible first.

Thanks for the link, btw. That's a good idea ^_^
What ever become of this? It was a good idea I would hate for it to have died!